internet-marketingOne thing that is growing online is the use of longer posts within blogging and article marketing. You may not see it right away, but if you pay close attention a lot of marketers are going with the notion that they need to create a great deal of content in order to get the right leverage within search engines. If you are working with seo, you are going to want to post a lot of keywords within a great deal of posts. This may seem like something that is commonplace, but you’ll be surprised as to how much it is growing. You may not adhere to this right away, but there is an argument for posting updates that are 1,000 or more words per content position. If you want to gain leverage in this solution, you will need to chase the right elements, or else you will not see anything positive overall. If you’re not sure how this all breaks down, perhaps the best thing to do is look at a few tips that will help you with not only creating larger content options but to also break things down in a proper manner.

The Conundrum of Long Winded Writing

The problem with longer posts is that you will have end users that don’t want to read what you’re writing. 1,000 words seems like a lot, and when you see it in place, you will notice that it is in fact a great deal. The average posts are usually 300 to 500 in length, but marketers are getting more and savvier about how they use that within the realms of seo. Pages that are getting ranked higher offer more in terms of writing, and therefore 1,000 words becomes the number one thing to do. If you find yourself looking at this without any real idea of how to do it, consider breaking up the content that you would post across 2 posts and combining it. Combining word counts will allow you to create longer insulated postings, and will help you with marketing overall.

Breaking Up The Content Correctly

Don’t just put up a lot of content without breaking it up. Throw images in there, add links, and break up things with breaking points. Talking points that are bold and sub headers all work to help you create better overall seo. You will want to ensure that you’re working in keywords and repetition as well, but make sure that it’s 100% natural. Unnatural linking and content creation will look obvious. If you want to gain leverage, you need to make sure that the end user comes first, and not just what you’re doing for your own promotional consideration. If you are just rambling for 1,000 words, this will not work. Too often, people assume that longer content means that they need to just have writing in place, but that’s not true. You need to do more than that, and that’s where things really start to take on a whole new world.

Mixing Genres Helps With This Solution

The best way to look at longer posts for maximum seo is through the use of multiple genres. For instance, if you have 500 words, break up the content with sub headers, then add a video and a good quality image. That will make your post longer, and look better to the search engines. Not only that, the end user will appreciate your use of mixed media instead of just posting a long winded journal entry. Unless your site is a literary magazine, or a journalism site, you will find that this helps with not only your market share, but the traffic that you will be getting overall. It’s going to be a good thing in the long term, for most sites.