Everyone deserves a professional, high-quality funeral service. At www.gentrygriffey.com, we make it a point to give value for money and superior service to our clients. Our clients need and deserve exemplary service especially during this difficult time in their lives.

We have established a reputation in the vicinity of Knox County, Tennessee as a leading funeral services provider in the area.

We offer the following services to our clients. If you need more information on these services, you are welcome to visit our website at www.gentrygriffey.com.


Gentry Griffey offers individuals to pre-arrange their funeral services. You may plan your funeral in advance. This service allows you to think about all the details of your funeral service. Our pre-planning funeral specialist will sit with you and discuss all the possible options. You may choose your own casket, final disposition of the remains, and the components of the service, among many other details. The benefits of pre planning are that your loved ones will know exactly what to do when the time comes, they will not worry about small details at such an emotionally difficult time, and it relieves them of the financial burden of funeral service costs.

If you already have an existing pre-planned service with another company, you may transfer the arrangement to www.gentrygriffey.com. We will take care of all the details for you.

Complete Funeral Services

Our complete funeral service package covers all details. It is a comprehensive list that includes even the smallest of details. This is well appreciated by the families and loved ones left behind because it eliminates worry and stress, especially during this difficult time. Gentry Griffey takes care of embalming, visitation, funeral service, hearse, and many others. We also provide remembrance registry, service minister, service musicians, thank you cards, flowers and other decors. We have our own mortuary and newly-renovated funeral chapel.

Funeral services

We also offer additional special services to honor the memory of the deceased. These special services can be chosen beforehand during pre-arrangement or can be done as an additional service by family members for the deceased. We provide Celebration of Life DVD, dove releases, bagpipes, composing obituaries, providing pallbearers, balloon releases and many others. These choices are a way of creating a personalized and special remembrance for the families and loved ones of the deceased. Our offerings are also based on cultural and religious traditions. For military veterans, we also make available a veteran flag case and a special gratuity to the American Legion for Military Service. Our licensed funeral services directors will be able to explain all our offerings to prospective clients.


As cremation is becoming a more common option for the disposal of remains, many individuals and families are choosing this option. Gentry Griffey opened the very first crematory in Knox County. We did this in order to further improve our services to the community. An entire cremation package also includes an optional memorial service, visitation, and special services. Aside from the actual cremation of the body within our premises, we have a full service package with an option for the remains to be inside a traditional casket or a cremation casket. We have a fully licensed staff that handles all cremation services. We also offer a variety of urns with several designs and materials to choose from. Visit www.gentrygriffey.com for further information on our cremation services.

Grief Support Services

Our service to the community does not simply end when the remains have been disposed, either through traditional burial or cremation. We also provide emotional support for grieving families through our grief support services. We help individuals who lost a loved one to come to terms with their sadness and walk them through their grieving process. To help people who are going through this difficult time in their lives, we have periodic meetings of support groups; we distribute e-newsletters and reading materials pertaining to how to overcome grief and sadness.


Since we have been in the funeral business for a long time, we understand our clients. We also remain focused on giving our clients the best service as we adjust to changing trends in the funeral industry. We believe that a person deserves a respectable and dignified funeral service, and our company remains steadfast to that commitment. For additional information, you are welcome to visit our website at www.gentrygriffey.com.